A: FaxFX provides you with two methods for sending faxes:

**Please note: Email to Fax will always keep the highest image quality when sending the fax. Large documents like photo's and high resolution scanned images will take longer to deliver due to the larger file size. If you are faxing these types of files please make use of the Print driver to reduce teh file size and fax delivery time. As a reference, analogue fax lines capable of highest speeds will take 9.5 minutes to deliver a file of 1 megayte in size. 

Before trying to send a fax, please ensure you meet the following requirements:

- You are registered for a free Fax to Email account
- You know what username and password to use
- You have FaxOut credits available on your account

1. Print to Fax 

The FX Fax Printer can be used to send a fax directly from any program that allows you to print. No need to attach the document to an email! To view videos demonstrating how to use the FX Fax Printer or to download the driver, please go to http://www.faxfx.net/overview/what-faxfx-offer/printtofax

Download the FX Fax Printer here:

Send faxes to other Fax to Email numbers and/or traditional fax machines using the FX Fax Printer by following the steps below:

1. Open the document that you wish to print to a fax
2. Choose the option to print the document using the "Print-to-fax Printer"
3. In the FX Fax Printer wizard, specify the number(s) that you want to send the fax to
4. Select the checkbox to include a cover sheet (optional)
5. Preview what the fax will look like when it has been received
6. Enter your Fax to Email account username and password
7. Click on Finish

View a demo of the steps here:


2. Email to Fax

You are able to send a fax from your email account directly to another Fax to Email number or a traditional fax machine. Send faxes to other Fax to Email numbers and/or traditional fax machines using your email by following these easy steps:

1. Open your email program (Outlook, Windows Mail, IncrediMail...), and create a new blank email message
2. In the "To" field of the new email message, type the recipient's fax number followed by @faxfx.net Example: 086xxxxxxx@faxfx.net
3. Attach the document that you would like to fax (NOTE: the email body will always be used as a coverpage, if no email body is present, only the attachment(s) will be sent)
4. Click on Send to send the fax

You will receive email notifications informing you of the status of the sent fax.

View a demo of these steps here: