Signing Up

1.Type the following URL into your web browser to open the FaxFX Home Page:
2.Enter all the details you wish to register in the provided fields on the Sign Up form and click on the Activate! button
3.You will receive a Confirmation email from FaxFX requesting you activate your Fax to Email number by clicking on the accept icon
4.Once you have confirmed the activation, you a page will open up displaying your username and password needed to log into your Fax to Email account
5.A Welcome email will be sent to your registered email address
6.On the Welcome email you will find your Fax to Email number, account username used for logging in and a link to reset your password in the event that you have forgotten it
7.If you cannot remember your password, you can choose to reset your password by clicking on the Reset Password link on the welcome email or the Forgotten Password? link on the log in page